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Even if you have heard of the Alexander Technique you may be wondering exactly what it is, and what it can do for you. The first thing to say is that the Technique is not a therapy, but more a system of re-education. Lessons in the Alexander Technique will first of all enable you to recognise harmful postural habits that may be causing you stress and pain. The next stage is to learn how to overcome those habits and find a new balance of mind and body, to move gracefully without stiffness, be focussed with less strain, and to breathe easily.

There are a great many problems that can be helped by the Alexander Technique, but pupils generally use it:

  • to help alleviate muscle tension and stiffness
  • to ease back, neck and joint pain
  • to improve posture
  • to overcome anxiety and stress-related conditions
  • to improve performance and prevent injury in music, drama and sport
  • to enhance business and presentation skills

Alexander Technique teachers are highly trained individuals having typically undergone a rigorous three-year training course approved by AmSTAT or STAT. They work closely with pupils, offering verbal instruction, and the gentle hands-on guidance that is key to the success of the Technique.

A series of lessons (usually one-to-one) is recommended if you are to get the full benefit of this powerful tool for personal development. How many lessons you need will depend on your individual needs and goals.